About Us

3TControl challenges the way in which we do things by building well designed, easy to use products & services that take your industrial process to new levels of productivity, quality and efficiency.

"Technology is advancing at a rate faster than ever before. Organisations can either watch from the sidelines, or get involved in this new industrial revolution. Working together with our customers we unlock the hidden value in your industrial process"
Ian Banerjee

Thanks for looking in on us. We are a group of engineers and software developers with a passion for industrial processes, technology and innovation. Thats the starting point of an industry 4.0 company.

Industry 4.0 is talked about a lot, and applications are centered around big industry, but all manufacturing processes can benefit from the possibilities that many exciting new technologies can bring. The opportunities really depend on listening intently to the needs of customers and then having the imagination to always strive to exceed those expectations.

We are are creative company, when we start out on a new solution, we start not with technology but understanding in depth the industrial process. Then we design and build the systems to give us the desired platform for today and also into the future. New functionality is always being developed and it unlocks hidden value in the process, as well as making life easier for the operator.

Its fun. We enjoy what we do, being at the leading edge of industries, collaborating with people who have worked for years in a certain way and know so much and have even dreamed of such solutions – we can now make these things happen and significantly changes the economics of an industrial process.

3TControl started as many industries are too complex with day to day production being hard enough as it is for companies to harness new technology. Industry needs strong innovative partners to continue to progress in efficiency, productivity and quality. We are here to help you.

Industry is also about people and trust, solutions and services have to be solid and relied on, and we are proud to have both VGP/HKMB and ABB as worldwide partners. Together with our partners and with our customers old and new, we look forward to continue to build the future.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you unlock hidden value in your process contact us and we’ll look in on you. We‘d love to meet you and find out more about your business.

Best Regards,

Ian Banerjee

Ian Banerjee

Ian is an entreprenuer based in Madrid, Spain. Ian holds a degree in Aerospace Engineer (University of Glasgow, 1993) with an Executive MBA (IESE/Michigan, 2004). After 9 years with Andersen Consulting & Accenture, Ian started 3TControl to unite new technology with industrial processes.