How to choose a Newspaper Print Automation system?

As we have discussed in previous articles, the offset print process in newspapers is a complex affair.

Presses behave differently in different locations. Input consumables are also changing more than ever before as purchasers find value through ever efficient sourcing of inks, paper, plates and blankets. Finally, the way in which a press is setup, its preset philosophy, its speed curves, and its startup makeready philosophy all change from site to site.


With all this in mind, there is a key question to be answered. Tailored or Standard? What’s the best solution for automating your print process?

Is the key to success an out-of-the-box standard one size fits all solution that comes off the shelf and bingo all your problems are solved? Or will better results come from the 3TControl approach, a highly configurable solution based on the very basic concepts of print control that takes into consideration all aspects of your process and can even intelligently learn as your print process changes overtime?

At 3TControl, we believe that a detailed process engineering approach that adapts to your process and setup reality is the best way to automate your newspaper press.

Best Regards,

Your 3T Team