Welcome to 3TControl

Have you heard of a Spanish engineering company automating newspaper presses?

Welcome to 3TControl.

10 years after our journey started many of you have heard about us, others we have met at trade fairs and sales visits, and some of you form a growing number of worldwide users that rely on our systems on a daily basis (nightly basis to more precise.

We’re always asked about our past, so we thought we’d start at the beginning by telling you our story, but also telling you about how we see the future and the possibilities that exciting new technologies are bringing to industrial control systems.

There really is a lot to get excited about, big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning, 3D printing, predictive maintenance – we are bringing practical solutions, product extensions to market all the time using these new technologies by partnering with the real heroes of our industry, printers and printing process managers. They are the process control experts that understand the complexity of offset printing where every press is different. Actually, that’s only half the story, the same press in different locations frequently behaves differently, and in many cases there are differences between printing towers, sections on a cylinder and as low down as individual ink keys behave differently over time.

10 years ago when we started, our objective was simple but ambitious: To build the best newspaper automation system available by first developing a deep understanding of the printing process, and then building a system that didn’t force printers to print in a certain way, but instead was the opposite, it would be highly adaptable and configurable to the many different ways presses and processes are setup all around the world, in other words it would behave like a good printer.

And that’s where we are now, VP2025, our VP “Virtual Printer” platform is a fully configurable print automation system affordable for newspaper print operations worldwide that automatically manages colour register (in a unique way), precision cut-off control, colour control via density control of ink keys, ink ductors, water control and as Ian our CEO would tell you, “a hell of a lot more!”.

We look forward to telling you more about our story in the coming weeks…

Best Regards,

Your 3T Team